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Podcast: The IATP’s Director, Alexander Hammond, recently sat down with David Ansara from the Centre for Risk Analysis to discuss how free trade can help reduce poverty across Africa.

In the podcast, Alexander and David discuss the link between free trade and prosperity, the barrier to trade that exists on the continent, and the economic potential of the newly-created African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Shorter clips from the webinar can be found on the CRA YouTube channel.

Launch Event: Watch the IATP’s official launch event, which was broadcast on May 19th at 6pm BST on the IEALondon YouTube Channel.

In the webinar, the IATP’s Director, Alexander Hammond was joined by Franklin Cudjoe, Douglas Carswell and Ibrahim Anoba, three esteemed members of the IATP’s advisory council. As well as introducing the initiative, they discussed what the future holds for African free trade and if the new AfCFTA really can revolutionise the continent’s economy.

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South Africa’s agricultural sector to benefit from access to African markets

By Thuletho Zwaneis – News24

“Agricultural economists and analysts say the newly established AfCFTA will provide agribusinesses in South Africa the opportunity for enhanced trade, cooperation and investment across borders…”

The AfCFTA and exchange rate misalignments?
By Fransico G. Carneiro & Ferdinand Owoundi – Brookings Institution
‘AfCFTA a sanctions-buster’
By Oliver Kazunga – Chronicle Zimbabwe