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We are proud to support our partners in promoting economic freedom across Africa. Here are some of our most recent projects and collaborations:

Activity: Student Event – Ardhi University

Date: February, 2022

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Overview: The IATP was delighted to support Liberty Sparks’ student event at Ardhi University, located just north of the nation’s capital. At the event, students learnt about trade, globalisation and the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Activity: “The Congo We Want!” – Student Conference

Date: January, 2022

Location: Catholic University, Goma, DRC

Overview: CDE DRC held a fantastic event with over 200 students at a university in Goma. In this picture, Espoir Bindu, the Executive Director for CDE DRC, tells the students about his organisation’s new report on trade liberalisation in the DRC.


Interview: Well known speaker and commentator, Phumlani Majozi, joined the IATP to discuss what is happening in one of the continent’s most important economies: South Africa.

In the video topics like the ANC’s leftward shift, South Africa’s recent poor economic performance, and the future of the region are discussed.

African Trade Unpacked – Part 4 – Prosperity or Peril: What are the threats facing the African Continental Free Trade Area?

In the video, we discuss the variety of threats facing the AfCFTA. If properly implemented, millions of Africans will thrive because of free trade. Nevertheless, many challenges remain.

Video: Watch this Institute of Economic Affairs explainer where Alexander Hammond, director of the Initiative for African Trade and Prosperity, speaks about the future of African trade.

In this video, Alexander discusses the potential offered by an African Continental Free Trade Area and the benefits that such a free trade area would bring not only to different sectors of the African economy, but to countries across the world.

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