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We are proud to support our partners in promoting economic freedom across Africa. Here are some of our most recent projects and collaborations:

Activity: Freedom in Nigeria Conference – Ominira Initiative

Date: September, 2022

Location: Ibadan, Nigeria

Overview: Ominira Initiative successfully held this day-long event. They held numerous panels focused on market-friendly policies. Over 100 attendees learned about the benefits of economic freedom and open societies.

Activity: Young Scholar’s Colloquium – Liberty Sparks

Date: September, 2022

Location: Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Overview: Liberty Sparks held an event where 25 young scholars from 7 Sub-Saharan African nations gathered to discuss the AfCFTA and Eamonn Butler’s Trade and Globalisation.


Interview: African Liberty Fellow Ibrahim Anoba recently joined the IATP to discuss development in Sub-Saharan Africa..

In the video Ibrahim answers important questions relating to the history of free markets in Africa, barriers to development countries currently face, and what Africa’s future might look like in the next decade.

African Trade Unpacked: What is free trade and why is it important for economic development?

In the video, we explain the benefits of free trade and why it is absolutely critical for Africa’s future. This is the first in a series of animated videos that will cover many topics regarding the exchange of goods in Africa.

Video: Watch this Institute of Economic Affairs explainer where Alexander Hammond, director of the Initiative for African Trade and Prosperity, speaks about the future of African trade.

In this video, Alexander discusses the potential offered by an African Continental Free Trade Area and the benefits that such a free trade area would bring not only to different sectors of the African economy, but to countries across the world.

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